Product Development of Retail Equipment in China

Thanks to our team’s industry experience in Retail Equipment, project management knowledge, and good supplier relationships, we can provide Product Development services to our customers, which will directly help customers on the other side of the earth to quickly realize their ideas in the design studio and greatly expand their product line, thus making the store fit out more recognizable and personalized.

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Preparation of machines for final production

Tooling Development is the last step in product development. If you wish certainty on the avoiding of delays or damage because of incorrect changes of the manufacturer, we are able to be of service with Tooling Development. RedSheep Trading takes care of the contact and coordination with suppliers. According to 3D drawings we are able to check the machines for adjustment, the elaboration and production of (injection) molding dies, punches and extrusion dies. This ensures that the manufacturer will do everything necessary to achieve a perfect result.

When the product design is developed with 3D software and together with renderings and CNC components meets your necessities and needs, the tooling development process starts. In this period, the tools and machines are ready for actual production. Here also, we use 3D software for drawing the molds and communicate with factories.

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Product design & engineering: adjusting machines for the right quality
Machines for Welding, bending, or punching the raw material are checked and adjusted when necessary. Once testing and manufacturing the first copies, we check if the product is made in the right way and right quality.

Technically, aesthetically and sustainably responsible
Tooling is drawn to equally cut surfaces in various materials. So as to shorten production times and process improvement, we are able to adapt the tools to the raw material by 3D modeling. Full use is then made of the raw material. Industrial product design, therefore, provides an economic advantage. This is also good for the environment.

Cutting tooling in Product Development

Product design engineering for finalizing the tooling
According to the 3D drawing, which was created in the engineering process with 3D CAD, tooling is going to be made for the plastic (injection) molding components. The CNC machines mill the tooling by CAD software. We are highly involved in this process to make sure that tolerances, discharge angles, sprues, cooling, slides, and surfaces are applied properly.

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Injection tooling in Product Development

Product engineering is very important here, however, also for the lifetime of the tooling. We apply integrated product style by viewing your final product. for instance, a sprue may be applied in a place that may not be visible when the component is mounted on the final product. Once the injection tooling is finished, we are always present to review the first sample performance.

Industrial design engineering in practice

Extrusion tooling is made according to the 3D CAD models to make plates and profiles. Here it’s vital to review things like pressure, cooling, and the stretching process so the profiles are made in the right dimensions and tolerances. At the beginning of the extrusion process, we as a product engineer will be with production workers on-site check if all settings are right on according to the first sample performance.

Finishing the 3D product development

Before finishing a product, the graphic files that we offer as a product designer create screen printing templates. This makes things easier to apply a standard or sample to the product design, for instance. we are able to adjust these machines to make sure that these operations are carried out properly, aesthetically, and environmentally.

Assemble more effectively because of innovation design

When all components have been made, the assembly will begin. Depend on 3D engineering, the 3D drawing software allows the assembly to be viewed in detail so as to assemble the product quickly and accurately. For the assembly, we design tools that facilitate this. In that way, we apply innovation design so assembling is even more efficient.

By keeping a good relationship with producers, RedSheep Trading is involved in the role of product development engineer up to the last process of product development to make sure that production goes smoothly.

To know more?

Did you recognize that besides Product Development we also specialized in Sourcing, Quality Control, Order Monitoring, Container Loading Supervision? Additionally to those services, we also provide 3D Engineering, Prototyping & Rendering, and product design in the Shopfitting industry. If you’d like more info regarding these services or if you’ve got specific requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

RedSheep Trading specialized in helping customers find appropriate suppliers, coordinating production, strictly quality control, and efficient logistics. With our own office in Changshu, we are able to quickly switch with suppliers through native presence, together with visiting them often and providing support when they need and necessary to realize higher quality for our customers.