Want to import Shopfitting Equipments from China?

As the most professional sourcing and quality inspection service company in the shopfitting industry, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality, and deliver products to the door.

No upfront charges, no experience needed. An agent will guide you step by step.

What Can We Do to Help You Source & Import?

Consult On Project Cost

Visiting Accompany & Booking Service

Price Negociation With Suppliers

Product Sourcing

Factory Audit

Order Monitoring

Quality Control​

Cheap Shipping Cost To Door

Product Photography

Tooling Development


Most frequent questions and answers

RedSheep Trading is aiming to be your long term partner. For different customers’ needs, we will tailor our services and work out the most economic solution from local resources to best support your business.

Email is always welcome, reply at any time, during the weekend, we will try our best to reply in time. Phone calls are answered at any time during working hours. If there is a problem communicating with the nearby factory, we will arrive at the factory within 40 minutes, communicate and implement it face to face, and give a reply in 12 hours.

For new shopfitting product sourcing, we will give the result or quotation within 3 days.

We promise that if the customer is not satisfied with our service after the end of the project, we will give a full refund, and we will always put the customer’s interest first.

Company staff after systematic training and assessment, strictly respect customer information, products, drawings, and other information will not be leaked, but also strictly conservative factory information will not be leaked.

Why Choose RedSheep?

Helping customers to establish direct connection with manufacturers and secure projects. Create value for customers.

We are a small company with a very low cost. So we can charge less.

Local Changshu office, transportation cost is further reduced, 40 minutes to the factory, 10 minutes to Changshu high-speed railway station, and Changshu Crown plaza, it is convenient and fast.

Professional inspectors from shopfitting industry with professional inspection report.

An European agent who is specialized in purchasing could contact you if required, from drawings to freight, from design to communication.

We take product quality seriously for our clients, and thanks for the closest distance to the suppliers, we can work much longer per day than other inspection companies, and that means your cost per man per hour is much less. Meanwhile, that will allow us to check a higher percentage than other inspection companies.

Maintaining a good relationship with all kinds of manufacturers, wide product range including Tego compatible, non-standard shelving, storage racking, wire products, shopping trolleys, hook accessories, shopping baskets, plastic parts, and so on.

Local employees to have good communication with local people. With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, we know exactly how the production process works, and how much the cost should be, and we have quite a lot of resources to meet different customer’s needs.

We take our clients seriously, even the order is small, because what we want is a long term relationship. If you receive defect products, we will take our responsibility and do all that we can to get you all kinds of compensation to reduce your loss. While our competitors are always negative to compensate.

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