Container Loading Supervision in China

When your goods are finished in the factory, supervision, and installation are also essential, otherwise, all the previous work may be wasted due to the mistake of loading the cabinet. We have seen too many losses of goods caused by the incorrect loading of containers, which can be avoided. Supervision mainly includes container inspection and Loading supervision.

Container inspection pic

The containers coming out of the container yard are likely to be damaged, and once damaged, when there are wind and rain at sea or wind and waves on the sea, it is easy to get into the water and cause damage to the goods. Therefore, it is necessary to check the container condition, and the general factory salesman or container loader will not provide this service.

Container Inspection before loading

  1. No holes or cracks in walls or roof
  2. Doors operate properly
  3. Closing devices operate properly
  4. No adhesive labels from previous cargo

Inside the container

The container should be watertight.

The interior should be extremely dry.

The container inside is really clean, with no residues of previous cargo and no bad odor.

No nails or sharp edges which could easily damage the goods or cartons.

Container Loading Supervision pic

Loading Supervision

Attention should be paid to the loading of the goods when loading the cabinets.

Is the stacking of goods flat?

Is it neatly stacked and safe?

Are heavy goods stacked on the ground floor?

Are the cartons strong and not deformed or damaged?

Whether the winding film is well wound or not.

Is the tray in good condition?

Whether there is a large gap between the tray and the tray, and if so, whether there is an inflatable bag or cardboard.

Check after loading

Make sure the container is OK without damaged

The doors have been carefully closed

Tug on the seal to confirm it has been affixed.

Our advantages on Container Loading Supervision

After working in the shop equipment industry for more than 10 years, we are well aware of the weight of each part and the problems that may arise in the process of cabinet installation. If packaging problems are found in the final product inspection or loading site, we can even communicate with the packaging manager of the factory and propose remedial measures based on our experience. Our expertise in the shop equipment industry can help you export your containers more smoothly.


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