Factory Audit Service in China

Have you found a supplier via the web or met a supplier at a trade show by yourself and are you unsure whether or not it will meet your requests? Do you need to keep your good reputation against unhealthy operating conditions like forced or Child labor? Have you ever transferred cash to manufacture before and never get connected again? What you need is a Factory Audit.


Why a Factory Audit (FA)?


A simple visit to your potential supplier in China will give you a wealth of knowledge. By the first case, you’ll be able to see if the party truly exists.

It is very important to go to the supplier in order that you’ll be able to see with your own eyes the company’s existing quality systems. You’ll be able to see how they work, what machines are in position, and the way they’re maintained if they have the capability to supply your order in the least.

It is essential to ascertain that all company documentation is in order and for that, it’s essential to check these papers. Suppliers usually send some “scans” of these documents by email. However, it happens that they are photoshopped. If it seems that you simply don’t have the export license yourself during a Factory Audit, as an example, you’ll be able to take this into consideration that additional logistics should be organized and added that some “barrel rebate” works differ from other suppliers.

factory audit pic

Fake business license photoshoped

RedSheep Trading serves various types of clients and that they all have totally different demands once we are asked to audit a supplier.

For example, our clients vary from brand manufacture, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, shop builder.

A small business owner usually needs “just practical” information; If the manufacture exists and could they deliver what they promised? Shall we trust the Manufacture or advise against doing business with them?

A medium-sized Owner has usually been doing business in China for a few times and visits China many times a year to go to existing suppliers. This sort of client usually asks RedSheep Trading before they are ready to visit China to audit and assess new potential suppliers so they can manage their time effectively. Usually, after the factory audit, we go to the potential new supplier in order to assist with the negotiations to start the business. We do that through our missions.

Types of Factory Audit

For the below clients, we provide the “Factory Audit service”.

A larger distributor usually wants a rather additional extensive audit, which additionally includes questions like Social compliance. Our report usually goes into the file that the corporate needs. We provide the Social Compliance audit for this sort of client.

In addition to those Factory audits, RedSheep Trading consists of many experts in helping audits/inspections of varied bodies. Variable from preparation to existing manufacture of a client; As an example, the manufacturer of a customer has Sedex certificate but needs to be checked frequently to stay this certificate. We can arrange the factory audit in order that everything goes well throughout the official inspection. Our clients also do business internationally and their clients also need an audit for the country of destination occasionally. 

Be safe. Do not take risks unneeded.