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Quality Control in China – Don’t Take Unnessasery Risks

Probably you just won’t use quality control in China, with all the risks. You’ll have your manufacture ship your product without doing a QC on the products. Perhaps you employ your own inspectors to check the quality. Do you take unnecessary risks? One way to find out is to know more regarding carrying out quality control. There is no such thing as having products made in China without the failure of defective products. AQL The first thing a buyer should learn is what percentage of defective products are acceptable in your market. You can understand when buying products for the aerospace industry, a defected product will cause disaster. In this case, the failure rate should be low, very low. However, when you produce consumer products  in China by hand, you have to accept a higher rate of outages (2.5% is usual). If you would like to learn more regarding what an acceptable failure percentage for your order is, read our post: “How Does a Buyer Work by Using AQL?“ Price in China is more important than quality Quality has not been a very important issue in China. The native customers are price-oriented and have little demand for sustainability as long as it is “new”. There’s no expectation here that garment, for instance, ought to last a long time, or that a TV ought to last twenty years. They do business in a similar way in China. Western firms are partly responsible for lower quality since they require to pay a

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The Importance of Order Monitoring – Why do Suppliers Always Delay?

Are you always confused? It is obvious that the supplier has agreed with you, for delivery within one month, when receiving the order. However, when it comes to the time of delivery, the supplier always has a variety of reasons to delay the delivery: the deposit was late, the material was late, the mold was late, the drawing was confirmed late, the machine was broken, the spray line was repaired regularly, and the shipping date given by the forwarder was late, etc…   My story of delaying   When I was in the gondola shelving factory, I also encountered a lot of customer complaints about the delivery. However, as a sales manager, I needed to maximize the interests of the factory, and balance the interests of all the salesmen. So there was little I could do for my clients, which made me helpless. Angry big customer A. This shipment has been delayed, and finally deliver the urgent goods by express (as you can understand, to deliver gondola shelving by air is very expensive). The rest shelving parts missed the Christmas promotion, and ran into COVID-19, at the beginning of this year until now. Customer B. The factory promised to deliver the Tego shelving parts in 2 months, but it took three and a half months to deliver the goods, which almost missed the customer’s plan to open shops. I didn’t want to keep seeing my customers damage their business, due to the factory’s failure to deliver on time. Therefore, I

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Cross Cut Adhesion Test And Paint Impact Test – a Sad Story of Losing My Old Customer

Two years ago, when I was in the shop shelving factory, an important customer complained that, there was a serious quality problem of powder coating peeling off, in a large area on the supermarket shelves of our factory. According to our investigation, there was indeed such a problem in the production department. The cause is that the powder coating is not easily attached to the laminate,  due to the lack of an ingredient in the chemical solution used for surface treatment. On the other hand, the colleagues in the quality control department did not do any tests on the surface treatment, because of negligence. The end of the story is very sad: the customer lost almost all his business. Until now, he did not receive all the payment. The factory also bears part of the loss, but the customer’s reputation has been irreparable. In a fact, we later learned that during that period, not only many of our customers in our factory suffered the same quality problems, but also many manufacturers around us, who used the potions of this chemical factory also did not do testing (many factories are not even equipped with quality inspection personnel). So many customers have varying degrees of loss. This accident shocked me so much, and I have kept these pictures to this day. That is not only because that customer is an important customer of my business for five years, but also because just two small simple tests – cross cut adhesion test and

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How Does a Buyer Work by Using AQL?

RedSheep Trading uses the mature method of AQL and this stands for: “Acceptance Quality Limit”. We use AQL to perform a product quality inspection. However, what exactly is that? What makes this the standard? In this article, we’ll take you by the hand and offer you an in-depth understanding of the standard of quality control. Acceptance Quality Limit The standard definition of Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) indicates the utmost allowable percentage of defective goods (or the number of maximum defects per one hundred pieces) on a batch of products, which can be thought of as a satisfactory result for the sample. Every production process has a defective rate, even if just a slight one. No industry will 100% be warranted that goods can be free from errors. Therefore, we can only think about the large recalls of the various automotive company that received so much interest in the media. The AQL is a statistical method of quality determination. How the AQL value is decided   The identification letter First, the entire amount of all produced products – the batch size (first column in table 1) – is recorded. The inspection level should then be determined. A distinction is made between general and special inspection levels. Every level is once more divided into different subclasses (columns in Table 1). As a result of these determinations (the intersection in table 1), the identifier (from A to R) is then obtained. Table one: Identification letters for the sample size based on DIN ISO

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Why Import From China?

The first question that comes to my head is why exactly import from China? China remains the number one destination all over the world. The country has quite a lot to supply international corporations in terms of production choices. we will be happy to offer you more insight. China’s role as a world economic power is currently stuck. After moving from an economy closed to international trade to an open and market-oriented economy, China is currently at the top of the list of nations trying to expand and invest internationally. China started political and economic reforms since 1979, however, it had been not until the early 1990’s that a new period really began for China. State-owned corporations had to reform and the market economy got going underway. Corporations went public and shares were allowed to be traded. China is currently in a period when it’s necessary to seek out a balance between the individual and the economy. There’s always written concerning the “income disparity” by the news: the widening gap between the rich and the poor could be a major challenge for China. The benefits to import from China The benefits of importing from China are obvious. The most necessary issue is that doing business in China saves plenty of production and development costs compared to any other country. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and energy to do this, however, usually this is worthy.  Lots of low-cost labor China has a lot of low-cost labor. Not just for

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Should I Kick My Agent in China Out?

To use an Agent in China for your business seems cost money. Is it possible to kick them out of your business? It depends. The lack of experience in China, the resources, or the time to do your thorough supplier analysis is a good reason to hire an expert to do this for you. A business agent in China offers a solution. An agent in China to avoid delays The daily follow-up of your projects and communication with your supplier is very intensive, and takes you a lot of time. Particularly when you develop a customized or new product in China. Many problems can gradually arise from the supplier, and these must be signaled as well and quickly as possible (because not every supplier rings the bell when things are unclear!). And are solved to avoid quality issues and delays. A local sales agent will closely monitor how your product is produced and under what conditions. This can be necessary to keep control over who has access to your designs and intellectual property. Sadly, hiring an agent to do your supplier analysis does not always mean they put your interests first. Agents typically receive a commission from both the customer and the supplier. That’s why it’s necessary to know more regarding the agent you cooperate with. What you need to know about an agent in China? There are some necessary things to know regarding the potential agent such as: Who owns the corporation What does the pay structure seems to

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