Price Negotiation Service with Suppliers

You may be an expert in price negotiation, and you are very confident about it, but we know the production process, and we will discuss the cost of the production process with suppliers item by item, so as to find and reduce waste and optimize the production process. Feedback on design defects (knowing that designers do not always understand Chinese production equipment), but also avoid misunderstandings on details.

Our team members from the local (Changshu city, which is famous as all kinds of shopfitting manufactures), have a wealth of industry experience, and even know which raw material supplier the supplier’s parts come from, the price and quality of the supplier, the proportion of the raw material price to the total price, main competitors of this supplier, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the supplier at the same level, where the supplier will “save cost”, and so on.

Therefore, the best price we can get is the real best price, not a random number made up by the supplier in order to get the order, which will only bring you endless trouble.

Price Negociation With Suppliers pic

Case Study: We have a customer who has been doing business in China for many years and has placed a large number of orders with supplier A within a few years, but the price has been very high. when this customer has lost confidence in the pricing of supplier A and is ready to switch to another supplier B, we went to negotiate with supplier A last for 2 hours and got an even lower price than supplier B. the customer was very surprised. At the same time, he promised to leave all the negotiation work to us in the future.