Sourcing Agent Service in China

Some things you need to keep in mind when you sourcing in China. Nowadays it’s not any more a surprise if you walk into a store and see all product corridors that say “made in China”. This demonstrates China’s ability to provide per the price level, quality and delivery time demanded by the world’s top retailers and distributors. It’s so fascinating for many customers to have product made in China. However, how do you begin sourcing in China? And what do you have to keep in mind as a company? Why you need a China sourcing agent?





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Sourcing in China needs a special approach

Many customers have made a fortune from trading in China. However, this doesn’t mean sourcing is simple in China. There are many people who don’t notice that for each product that comes to the market on time, based on the agreed price and quality, there are many of them fail. Especially when it’s the first time that a customer starts a project that they source directly from China. When you as a corporation have products made in China or directly purchase products from China, it’s so necessary to give a variety of things additional attention.

How to begin sourcing in China

There are many ways to source in China. for many customers, sourcing in China typically starts via the web or with visits to trade shows in China. However, how do you proceed? It’s of importance to be familiar with how the way they work in China. Since the country has a totally different culture than the Westerns, it’s important to understand the discrepancy of the east.

Visit numerous factories in China to see production options and assess factories. This takes a really long time but is vital for finding an appropriate supplier. After all, if you place a small order with a big manufacturer, probably it will not get interested and nobody will care about your product quality or delivery times. Conversely, A large order for a small manufacturer also will lead to delays or lower product quality if they don’t have the proper facilities in the house. If you don’t have time for this, it’s wise to source this to somebody with experience who will do that for you. Be assure to hire a specialized company that valuesyour interests.

What do you have to pay attention to as a company?

First of all, it’s necessary to work with a factory that’s suitable for manufacturing the requested product. However, how do you find the right supplier and what do you have to pay attention to when finding the right factory?

Experience: Will the manufactory have the proper machines required for production? Are they experienced in creating similar products?

Background: Who else do they manufacture for, and for how long have they been customers? Are there only customers for a shorter term, why is that?

Production capacity: do they provide the possibility to make the requested quantity at the right time?

Production schedule: How full is their workload, and do they have enough warehouse space to put your order in between?

Many suppliers don’t always operate as they believe through their promotional materials or websites. That’s why it’s necessary to assess the factory yourself. How can you assure that the production can take place in the factory that they show you for example? we will check and monitor all that matters for you. we’ve got experience in setting up the proper agreements and make sure that they’re complied with by the supplier.

A good China sourcing agent will save quite of headaches for you. RedSheep Trading has solved many different problems for its clients in recent years and is keeping in touch with a large number of pitfalls.

The advantages of a China sourcing agent

Outsourcing your sourcing work in China to a reliable China sourcing agent like RedSheep Trading saves you the requirement to set up your own local entity and everything that comes with it. Moreover, you deliver on time, you use the years of experience that we have to offer you. We help our customers to ship their orders worldwide and don’t having to check the products themselves. Even though the customer’s country needs to have the supplier assessed, we are going to do the part of the audit and prepare it ahead of the time.

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Why choose RedSheep Trading as a China sourcing agent?

A collaboration with RedSheep Trading makes sure that you can save cost and time and avoid all pitfalls of doing business in China.

Entrepreneurs always see us as an extension of their business department. This way we will take over all or some of the processes. we’ve got years of experience in sourcing good suppliers for both existing and new products, larger and smaller volumes for larger and smaller customers. This has allowed us to build a good relationship with a good number of suppliers. Something that’s quite important if you try to business with success in China.

Together with you we seeking the chances for your product and the needed specifications. we are happy to think together with you and can devise, design and put into production tailor-made products for you. During the whole production process, you’ll be kept informed of what’s happening in China. To work with us you can be sure you can get the most out of your China production possibilities and cost savings.

We also understand the local culture and we speak Local language, Chinese, and English. This way we know the way to communicate well with every party. With our own office in Changshu, we are centrally on where most production takes place. This makes it easy for us to go to factories and carry out our works.