Dear customer, do you have problems on:
1. 0 experience and don’t know how to find the right supplier? Learn our product sourcing service
2. Have you found a supplier via the web or met a supplier at a trade show by yourself and are you unsure whether or not it will meet your requests? Learn our factory audit service
3. Lead time, signed the agreed lead time on PO, but the supplier keeps breaking their promise and postpones without keep you informed ahead of time? Learn our order monitoring service
4. Quality issues, do you have a quality problem with the supplier, because you didn’t set up the QC team in China? Learn our quality inspection service
5. When you have the right supplier, but it seems they didn’t give you the best price, and you don’t know where the problem is? Learn our price negotiation service
6. Do you want to own the tooling you paid, but the supplier tries to keep it and doesn’t give up fighting? Learn our tooling development service

Other trading services we are offering

Visiting Accompany & Booking Service
Cheap Shipping Cost To Door
Product Photography

Our quality inspection service including

1. Project plan: set up a project plan together with the supplier, when you place the order, we will check every critical point with the supplier, if it’s behind the schedule, we will keep you informed.
2. Incoming quality check, we check the raw material, to prevent thinner or rusted material problem at the very beginning.
3. In-progress quality check, we will go to the supplier, to check every process of the production, if anything goes wrong, there’s a chance that we can find it out, instead of finding it when it’s all done.
4. Final quality assurance, including surface checking, function checking, packaging checking, color difference checking, dimension checking, weight checking, coating punch testing, coating cut testing. Based on normal AQL, or at your request.
5. Container loading supervision, to check the container condition before loading and supervise the loading process.

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If you can’t be personally visiting at the crucial moments during the order production, it’s necessary to deploy somebody who can take over from you. It is also helpful during your negotiations to have local people by your side to represent you in the language of the supplier. Please note, as a foreigner you can’t simply ask a Chinese friend to get it done for you. In China, a Chinese entity should offer somebody with work and pay tax on it. Failure to so and it’ll ever go wrong with this person serving you will cause an issue the next time you arrive in China.

Our Advantages

Thanks to our year’s experience in the shopfitting manufacture, we know better than any company else on both factory production and quality inspection. When there’s any problem happens, we can not only send you a report but also come with our proposed solution. Our experienced quality engineer can go to the factory from our Changshu office at any time (30 mins to the factory), so that allows us to offer order monitoring or a higher inspection rate than any other inspection company, which makes sure your goods will always be delivered on time, at the right quantity and the right quality .

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